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This is the first chapter of the book Observant Mom: Infants . The book is the result of many hours of research about the proper care and development of infants, from books such as Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, Wonder Weeks, The Blossom Method, Your Self-Confident Baby, Touchpoints, The New First Three Years of Life, Baby 411, Baby Led Weaning, and more–plus the added the wisdom of a mom with two children. The book is designed to give you a quick overview of the latest thoughts on caring for an infant in less than 100 pages. This first chapter goes over the majority of the technical details: feeding, sleeping, daily care, birth, and more.

Taking care of an infant is no joke. Lots of things can go wrong, and lots of things can completely exhaust mom and dad. This article is the Observant mom “formula” for infants, which is to observe your infant and respond to their cues. Please send to the expecting moms you know! Please share with this blog post.

“The overall philosophy is this: the child should be regarded as an independent entity with a specific identity, which is to be understood and respected, not manipulated. For a newborn, observe the child, figure out what is needed, and respond appropriately. You cannot spoil a baby, whose only desires are the oh-so-luxurious needs of feeding, sleeping, cleaning, and proper medical attention when needed. ” — All Things Baby

All Things Baby (Chapter 1, The Observant Mom: Infants)


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