You know how children love to spot the differences in pictures, as they do in the popular activity commonly found in children’s worksheets? In Spot the Difference Grammar, children find the differences in two sets of sentences, one that is grammatically correct and one that is grammatically incorrect. While doing something that they naturally enjoy, children can also learn a bit of grammar!

Children intuitively understand this idea of spotting the differences between two things, allowing them to take to the lessons right away. Parents who have tried it say their children want to do page after page. Far from being just a fun activity (which it is!), this gentle, pressure-free program illustrates for students why grammar is important. In a fun twist, by writing sentences incorrectly, we see the need to write them correctly. Sentences become hilariously wrong when they are incorrect. Laugh with your children or students as a teacher tries to deal with her “army” of children and other such grammar bloopers!

In addition to the Spot the Difference Grammar activities, there are supplemental exercises and information in this fun, delightful program, including word lists, sentence expansion activities, and Find or Fix the Error activities. This Level 1 program covers some spelling and letter recognition, basic punctuation and capitalization, and all eight parts of speech. It includes material that covers Common Core standards related to punctuation, capitalization, and grammar for kindergarten through third grade or roughly ages 6 – 9. There are 65 lessons in total. This program is ideal for at-home or classroom use!

Where to buy Spot the Difference Grammar Level 1

Teachers Pay Teachers – get a digital (.docx) copy
Teachers Pay Teachers Sampler – Get a free sampler of lessons
Amazon – coming soon

From the author:

This grammar program wasn’t specifically inspired by my child development work, but it is in great alignment with how my work has shown children naturally learn. Children love to find things, sort things, and play games! I had a great time working through Spot the Difference Grammar with children, and I hope you do, too!

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