The Observant Mom APP!

You’ve been asking for it and here it is! The Observant Mom APP!

But LISTEN, some things:

  • The app gives the milestones from 18 months up to 4 years old, ending on a child’s 4th birthday. Four Year Old Milestones will be added in early 2022 at no extra charge.
  • The app is real simple right now–the same milestones, just in calendar form! But it should be much easier to navigate on your phone.
  • Add as many children as you want!
  • Hardware that is being retired might not be supported. Some models of LG, which is shutting down its phone business, for instance, might not be supported and thus might be inoperable. There is simply nothing I can do about this.
  • Please otherwise send issues directly to me,
  • The app is $1.99 without subscriptions. I am committed to keeping it affordable.
  • As long as I have this website, the milestones will continue to be offered for free here.
  • **If you have used and find value in this work, I would really appreciate your positive review!**
  • Please share with your friends and family!

Find The Observant Mom App in the App store on Apple or Google Play (“The Play Store”) on Android!

Apple (US):



The child developmental milestones as found here at The Observant Mom website—but now in calendar form! These milestones are the notorious “stages” or “phases” that children go through. They are those times when children “act up,” but it’s because new skills are emerging. This work documents both what the irritating behavior is and what new skills are seen. Simply enter your child’s due date into the app, and a calendar is generated with their expected developmental milestones. Simply click on any date and get instant information about your child!

About the App:

Ø  Click on any colored date and instantly find out what developmental milestone your child is (or will be) in!

Ø  The milestones in the app currently go from eighteen months through age four, ending at four.

Ø  Older milestones will be added to the app as they are finalized.

Ø  Older milestones can still be found on the website.

Ø  You may add as many children as you want!

Countless have said that this work helps them stay patient as a parent or caregiver. Be sure to share this information with family and friends. It’s not misbehavior: it’s growth!

Some screen shots

Amber documents the age related stages children go through. See her book series, Misbehavior is Growth. Send your friends and family to The Observant Mom.