Everyone has heard about how children go through the “Terrible Twos.” What if you were to find out that this frustrating behavior has order in it? That the “misbehavior” comes and goes in a predictable way, and each cycle brings with it an amazing new transformation?

In this groundbreaking book, Amber Domoradzki presents her research which found that toddlers go through 12 predictable cycles between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. During each cycle, they fall apart for a period of time, becoming whiny, possessive, jealous, angry, clumsy, or confused, but then have a dramatic burst of new ability.

In this book you’ll find, for each milestone, expanded details about each, ways to handle the difficult behavior, and activities to help develop toddlers’ enormous mental growth. Discover why you can expect a huge meltdown around 2 years, 7 months when you try to leave the park: because the child is coming to their first understanding that there is a past, present, and future. Learn about the many new exciting abilities that develop in the toddler years, including reasoning capability, empathy, and a sense of right and wrong.

The goal of “Misbehavior is Growth” is to help you see these age-related behaviors not as times of disrespect or naughtiness but as developmentally critical times to respond to with love, connection, and guidance. Each milestone is not just a time of difficulty to get through but a great investment opportunity to teach a child a new skill. Using this approach, instead of fighting the “misbehavior,” you can playfully roll with it and use the understanding of your child’s new development to your child’s and your family’s great advantage.
Summary chart for the toddler years:

From others:

“In reading it I have gained insight into how to be a more effective, supportive, and understanding parent.” — From a dad!

“Oh how I WISH this book was available years ago! I recently read this book and discovered a whole new world of parenting and understanding toddlers. I always knew there was a different approach to parenting; one that involves more understanding, patience, and compassion. The author has organized this book in an easy to read and friendly format listing all of the different milestones, the expected behaviors and even activities to foster those milestones. This is an incredible resource, a well done and thorough guide, that every new parent needs to own! Makes for a great gift for baby showers or new parents as well!” — Sunita

“This information […] has been a LIFESAVER at our house. My first son followed the [Milestones] like clockwork and my second is just heading into this territory now. Whenever we’d hit a stormy period it was so reassuring to know it was all an important part of his development. Lack of sleep seems so much more bearable when you know things will be back to normal in no time.” — Beck Fredrickson

“I love your work! I always check [your research] when my son is fussy or not sleeping well and so far, you have picked it every time! I share it with girls in my antenatal group too.” – Sarah Lewis, about her son Jack

“Hi, we are just starting [Toddler Milestone 8], so far, I can see challenges with falling asleep at nap time and night time, understanding, and using today and tomorrow. She remembers things that happened a while back and started making up stories about characters. I wanted to sincerely thank you for documenting all of this, your notes have been so helpful in understanding the developments.” – Alexandra LaFontaine

“They are just great! So informative and very true to what’s going on with my kid to a T!” — Katie Blogg, about Toddler Milestones 9 and 10 (2 years, 8 months and 2 years, 9 months)

Misbehavior is Growth

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