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I present a theory in MIG: 4 Year Olds that dreams themselves drive children’s mental development….and hence all the sleep disruptions you see in your children as a parent. It seems as if some kind of image gets “downloaded” into a child’s brain, causing them to “see” things that aren’t there. Monsters in their closet is one example, as are their imaginary friends. I also offer the milestones, as well as, as people so often ask for, ideas to handle the difficult behavior and ways to nurture the growth. Beta readers described the book as highly useful, validating and “really walks the walk when you say Misbehavior is Growth.” The idea behind Misbehavior is Growth is that this demanding behavior is an instinctual call for us to come to them. It’s not misbehavior: it’s growth!

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Misbehavior is Growth: Four Year Olds

Four year olds are known for their epic imaginations. What if you were to discover that these epic imaginations are doing far more mental development than any of us currently realize?

This book series, Misbehavior is Growth, documents the age-related stages that children go through. These are times when children fall apart, becoming demanding, clingy, whiny, or aggressive. But on other side of this “stage” is an astonishing new skill set. Their brain was going through an “upgrade.” This book offers the popular summaries of these milestones, as for four year olds, as found at the popular Observant Mom website. In addition, it offers, for each age-related milestone, detailed analysis, conflict resolution ideas, and ways to nurture the growth.

In this book, for the first time in the Misbehavior is Growth series, a theory is presented that children’s imaginations drive the formation of consciousness itself. The development of consciousness is not a passive force but rather a highly active one. Innate, hardwired images seem to be inside the child’s mind already, which are released at age-related times. They are projected out into reality, somewhat like a projected hologram, hungrily looking for what they expect to find. This process kicks off new mental development itself—with all of its curiosities, experimenting, play, and, indeed, misbehavior.

So much is developing at four. Four year olds start to see entire sets of things as a whole, dealing with them intellectually as such. As they put these building blocks together, they develop a persistent consciousness of the 3-D space around them. In other words, four year olds can remember, somewhat, what happens to them day after day. There is an enormous increase in self-awareness at age four, as well. With it brings its corollary: a realization of their own mortality. With this comes some really big emotions. Reading Misbehavior is Growth: An Observant Parent’s Guide to Four Year Olds will help you prepare for these rocky times.

The idea behind Misbehavior is Growth is that these age-related behaviors are an instinctual call from children so that others come to them at developmentally critical times. Thus, don’t “ignore” the stages. Lean into them as the investment opportunity that they are! It’s not misbehavior: it’s growth!