The presale for Misbehavior is Growth: An Observant Parent’s Guide to Four Year Olds is *live*. The presale price is $2.99, which is as low as Amazon would let me go. You can find it on Amazon Kindle for now. I hope to have this released in February of 2022. Be on the lookout for the beta reader round at the end of the holidays.

In this I,

*Have the finalized Four Year Old Milestones!
*Have many, many conflict resolution ideas when dealing with four year olds (how to get out the door, etc. ) as well as many, many educational ideas
*Present a theory that images seem to be played from children’s mind as if projected through a film projector. These images kick off enormous brain development in which some part of reality is going to come into clear perception for them. In other words, it is putting consciousness itself into place.
*How extremely attuned they are to you at four and the thus importance of quality relationships
*A plea to lean into their developmental needs, which they usually “ask” for in aggravating, demanding ways, instead of “ignoring” this behavior in an attempt to subdue it. This is what Misbehavior is Growth is about!

You can find the presale on Amazon Kindle.

Smashwords offers a variety of e-book formats, including PDF, which can be used on any electronic device.