My work captures the age-related “stages” children go through. It is when children act up and act weird at age-related times. Per the theory of many, these are times of internal growth. My work attempts to capture both the “irritating” behavior and the new abilities that seem to come with it. This is the page for 7+ year olds.

Middle Elementary Milestone 1 —Big Theories and Ideas and with Precision
Starts: 7 years, 1 month ish
Most Intense: 7 years, 1 month, 2 weeks ish
Ends: 7 years, 1 month, 3 weeks ish
Irritable Period Summary
• Marked by annoyingly weird behaviors such as:
• Grabbing other children and spitting on them
• Rubbing their genitals in public
• Repeatedly opening and closing a door (within inches of where it opens and closes)
• Inserts their things into other’s things, such as wrapping their string for a pulley around another child’s
• Won’t stop tapping or harassing others
New Abilities Summary
• This is marked by the ability to handle or create bit theories, ideas, or projects, and to handle many fine details that go along with it
• Makes a book and fills it in with elaborate detail, such as a Fan that picks up a Box and they go over an obstacle course and find gold and they have detailed drawings of all of this \
• Dying to do something physically demanding that requires a lot of delicate skill, such as Parkour
• Takes on a big challenge that also requires precision, like you go on a scavenger hunt and they announce, “I can find a grain of sand!”
• Very precise with details. You might ask, “A month has 30 days right?” And they reply, “Um, Mommy, a month can have 29, 30, or 31 days.”
• Likes a big challenge such as to memorize all 50 states
• In deep awe of beauty, such as sunsets and sunrises or cute animals
• Highly functioning within a family or team. They are aware of how they function and how others function and how to make it go smoothly
• Extremely helpful and encouraging. They might encourage their younger sibling to read and they will help them “if they get stuck.” Or they talk about how they can successfully “settle” difference between children
• Love to walk into a “big” place where a lot of things happen in which they might imagine themselves participating, like a college campus or a baseball stadium
• Thinks about what they might be when they grow up
• Takes on very adult like personas. “Call me science John”