I am Amber Domoradzki and I started this page “The Observant Mom” and the similarly title Facebook Page.

I document the age-related developmental milestones that children go through. Going straight to my main website explains the milestones really well. I hope to help you on your parenting journey and inspire more effort and focus on child development. See my page Future Research.

The philosophy behind the observant mom is to understand child development as best as possible as to parent as effectively as possible. This means tapping into the rich insights about child development made by educational giants thus far and also observing your individual child to best understand their unique talents and development. Some basic principles to be found on this page are:

  • Montessori principles. The Montessori system promotes the building of a rational mind through sensory education and helps to develop a calm, focused personality through concentrated work.
  • Positive discipline tactics. Positive discipline is a philosophy that rejects punitive discipline. It assumes that most child behavior is age appropriate and is almost never intentionally naughty. There are a wide variety of tactics to use in lieu of punitive discipline, including redirection, distraction, validating emotions, child involvement, problem solving, and more.
  • Promotion of an understanding of children’s physical needs. An attempt to understand best practices for eating, sleep, etc. Healthy children are happy children.
  • More to come: Understanding more about every age of child development, finding the best educational materials possible, and developing educational materials.

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