This is where you can send me feedback about the child development milestones. I document the stages at which children fall apart but then have a burst of new ability. You can see my work at this website under “Misbehavior is Growth.” As of 2018, there is work for toddlers, preschoolers, and early elementary aged children.

Please send feedback that is either critical as well as is validating! I work in the critical comments into the summaries to make them better. Also send information that adds to the lists, such as more examples for each type of skill–so others may know what they may also look for. I take quotes that validate the work or show the variation in children (e.g., some irritable periods are barely noticed for others while others have a terrible time) and, if given permission, use them in my book series about this, Misbehavior is Growth. The one book out so far is on toddlers. I see all of science including this work as a constant evolution and so I still accept statements about the toddler years, which, as this work continues, seems to shed more and more light for people.

You can also email me if your prefer at You can also come join the discussion at Beyond the Final Leap and share with others.

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