Beta Reader Round-Three Year Old Child Developmental Map

I am very excited to present this Three Year Old Child Developmental Map! It’s a “summary of the summaries” of the milestones you can find at I took especial note of what new abilities were forming at each milestone for age 3, and how it related to three year old’s famous growing imaginations: the famous monsters they see in their closet.

This is one chapter that will appear in Misbehavior is Growth: An Observant Parent’s Guide to Three Year Olds. This will eventually be offered for free on my website, as a marketing tool, a research impetus, and an aid for parents to fully “drink in” the full development at age 3. I argue that the core development at 3 is core personality integration. Three Year Olds also grow in their navigational skills: they make educated guesses, recall more about daily events, persist in their observations, start to categorize the world as to navigate in it, mash creative ideas together, then generalize and hypothesize. I offer it for free to hopefully allow people to get into a three year old’s world. As such, please feel free to share this.

This is only one chapter of the book. It is about 20 pages in Word. As such, I’m asking for a rapid response. The directions of what to do are in the documents below. You can do 1 of 2 things or both to participate: either 1) insert comments or 2) fill out a form. I am asking for responses by the end of the week: September 5, 2020. Exceptions can be made if you are truly interested but can’t get to this by then. Email me at with any questions.

I really, really appreciate your feedback! Please share this with a friend!

Microsoft Word

Below is a Word copy of this Developmental Map, plus instructions. You can download it below or click on it here: 3YO Developmental Map.


If you can’t download Word, here is a PDF copy also with instructions: 3YO Developmental Map PDF

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